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  • Also if you ever need another beta reader, or reviewer for Amazon.......I could be persuaded fairly easily. Okay really easily. lol :-)
    It sounds awesome. I'm a huge reader...anything I can get my hands on. The Kindle is awful because I never put it down, and way too easy to get them. Are you going to put it on Amazon? Let me know when it comes out, I'd love to read it. And fantasy/mythology/sci-fi, are some of my favorite subjects.
    Never thought about a Thundershirt! It might be a good idea. I'll definitely look into it. Is there anything special about the Thundershirt in particular, or will any tight shirt do?
    Oh, I never even noticed you posted on my profile! Whoops. Thanks for the make-up link! :D And I'll have to check out the series, too. I've never read it. Anything theological interests me, so I'll have to add it to the list!
    Thank you Renee. That's really good advice! Honestly if our child weren't involved I would have dumped him a long time ago. I love him but I'm emotionally retarded... I cannot deal with conflict. We have been through a lot this year, we've both changed our lives dramatically, and being the age he is I'm very proud of him. I definitely made him feel like a scumbag, and it's going to take A LOT to make up for hurting me like this. But I cannot say never, not when a child is involved, who needs a dad.
    Aww, thanks Renee! I just saw your message.

    It is AMAZING how much those experiences can effect you for life, no matter how hard you try to suppress the memories and feelings. I was also the main target of abuse as my sisters were old enough to threaten to tell and to leave, but I was just a little girl paralyzed by fear. My pain and fears have not been validated at all by my family, I was basically told to get over it. But that has made me a stronger person and has shaped my moral compass. You're a very strong and awesome woman, Renee... I'm glad you didn't let that fear control you, and you're smart enough to know that it's NOT right and it's NOT your fault! People who beat on those who are helpless are sad & pathetic, and ultimately karma does get them.
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    Thanks, Renee! :D I read your message from Facebook (through e-mail, do you seriously think I'd go there? :p). That was so beautiful. <3
    I've been cleaning up Fable's messes since 8 AM. Poor girl. Great b-day for me, too! :o
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