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  • Thanks :) Good to know I was missed, although I'm sure there are a few who are cursing to see me back, lol.

    I noticed that the ad doesn't say anything about Fila this time? The pics are coming up blurry on this computer (the HP) but the seem to look a little *off* somehow :( I'm glad they're doing so much socializing though, whatever type of mastiff they are!
    Sorry for not getting back to you. Life's just been too, too much right now and I've barely been even checking one e-mail account.

    That ad's gone now so I can't answer the question. I sure hope they don't start popping up . . . ANYWHERE.
    see my reply to your no bark post and remember prevention is better than post.
    best method of prevention i have found is to remove the stimulus that results
    in social alert excitement barking.
    Hayley, something I've done for a couple of people who aren't settled in one place forever is made a main tag and then a plainer one that goes along with the design that has the contact info on it, that way I can make a replacement for the contact info when they need it without needing to redo the whole thing.
    It was so cheap. Morgan got a tank top onesie in ORGANIC cotton for 4 bucks :D That is unheard of and what hes been needing!!! The most expensive one was 13 :D. I am sold on that place!!! LOL
    Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much for recommending that store. I found 2 shirts that I loved and one for my cousin and morgan all for under 30 :D We are now planning seasonal trips there for clothes shopping.
    Oh, that sounds like a good book too! I like those kinds of stories too, that incorporate history or some other real-life study within them. It sounds like a good one! Those other two I mentioned are non fiction....about how our brains work...how our first impressions and intuition have real value and how it all works. Fascinating.
    Got your message about your reading Middlesex. I'm glad you liked it. I thought it was extremely well written, engrossing and also a bit disturbing...but fascinating nevertheless. Thanks for letting me know how you liked it...glad you did. Now, what are you going to read? LOL. Hey, have you read Blink or Tipping Point? Those are both very good books.
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