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  • Awwww...thank you Renee. Too cute. He looks just like Lyric. That was sweet to think of me on my b-day. Thanks ever so much.
    Oh! Thank you Smkie! I forgot it was my birthday today. LOL. I appreciate your thinking of me.
    Happy Birthday!!! Hope your day is just everything you need it to me. Best wishes from my crew.
    Heh, heh, heh...that's too funny! Tilapia is yummy. (oh, and I wouldn't worry too much anyhow over McDonalds. I'm really not the food police you know...just the grammar police...even though I mess up some grammar and my spelling is so bad, it's a wonder I made it to adulthood.

    Hey, how do you get smilies on here? I never think of doing this kind of messaging. it's pretty fun. I just don't quite have the hang of it very well.

    Well, have a nice evening digesting your tilapia. I ate a bunch of vegetables and a bratwurst. It's the only meat I had on hand that wasn't frozen. But it sure was good.
    All that fish talk made me want MCDONALDS for dinner! :rofl1: No worries, I am grilling some tilapia instead.......not as good as a filet o fish, but it will do! ROFL!
    Carrie, has your daughter ever considered trying a gluten free diet? Her cluster of symptoms is just too . . . .
    Thanks Renee. I'm actually on my daughter's computer so it loaded fast. Very funny! I got a kick out of that. Thanks for the b-day wish. I'm headed back up to Marysville to my ex's for a few days, then soon, back to Idaho to get busy with moving preparations.

    Haley, yeah...I loved Middlesex. I'm glad you liked it too...very weird and interesting and kind of disturbing. That had to be so difficult for the main character.
    Happy Birthday, Friend :D I know you're on a slow connection, but wait for the animation anyway ;)

    well now I am reading Sarahs key by Tatiana De Rosnay its about a girl who escaped the 1941 Vel' d' Hiv before being taken to the camps in Paris. A good ready, I love the books with history written into them, so ya learn something too. I have not read thoes books you suggested, but I will look them up and see if they interest me.
    Carrie, I just finished reading Middlesex. The book you recommended me. It took a little bit to get into it, but I ended up really enjoying it and learned alot while reading it as well. :)
    Oh, thanks for the recommendation. I'll see if they have it down at the little corner store here. What is is about? Why did you think of me when you thought of that movie? Thanks for thinking of me!
    You would probably get a lot out of watching the movie, V for Vendetta. :) Rent it. Do NOT watch it on TV. They cut it up beyond recognition.
    YouTube - happy birthday

    Ignore the last frame, lol. It was too perfect not to send otherwise ;)
    Thank you Renee. I'll send that along to my sister, who lives near him and has been taking care of things.
    Carrie, I'm totally serious about this. Get your dad to drink it Premium Essiac Tea made from Organic and Wildcrafted Herbs.

    I've seen it do amazing things.
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