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  • Renee, I actually do belong to a writing group called Acentuate. I just haven't been on it much for quite a while. I think I need more help than that. LOL. I'm still working on slimming down my book. I don't know if I'll ever finish it in this lifetime. But it's been fun. LOL.
    You should see if there is a writing group you could participate in, Carrie. It makes a world of difference, especially when you're struggling to distill your thoughts down to their essence for clarity :) Or work more on poetry where you have to be hyper aware of every extraneous syllable.
    Thanks cJw314. I am glad my long winded, wordy responses are of some use. Sometimes I tend to ramble a lot. But I am glad the detail seems helpful to you.
    Thanks for your lengthy responses; they're great reading and always exactly the type of answer I'm looking for. : )
    Oh Sapphire...I hope you can get a pup as soon as you're able and ready. It sounds like you are eager, that's for sure. It is worth the effort, like you say, to research and spend time finding a good least it is usually worth the effort.
    Thanks to you too.

    You gave me good tips.

    I hope I can get a pup this time, I have had very bad luck on trying to get one, but maybe some day.

    I never have had a dog from a good breeder, only from BYB (I didn't knew at the time :/ )

    But I guess is going to be wort the effort in the end when I get one.
    Hi Dekka...I found out that it was I who didn't have the settings right on my options and that's why my pm's wouldn't work. LOL. I am so blind sometimes...didn't even know there was such a setting. Anyhow, yeah....I don't know why horse people are so prone to loving that dude. I guess they don't get it that horses are also obedient to the laws of behavior too like all animals. There must be an even slower trickle-down of information from the experts.
    Huzzah I can leave messages (you will never be safe again!)


    just came on here to find your posts to find that news clip on mr dog screamer er I mean whisperer. Making a huge long post on 'the big horse forum'. What is it with horse people loving that idiot?
    Hey, this is neat! They had taken away my private message capability....but now it seems to be back or back in a different form. (?) Anyhow, cool. Good to see you too. I don't remember about Nick. You might have told me, but in all my despair over Lyric, I may have not remembered. The loss of Lyric really did a number on me. Anyhow, do you have pictures posted of Nick? What kind of dog is he? (besides a one year old.) LOL. I'm glad for you that you have another pup. Sounds like you're having fun. I don't know if I'll ever get another puppy again. I feel like I'm getting too old to keep up with one. My back has been very bad....was in a wheel chair for a time, but it's feeling much better now. And everything is fine with my dogs...they're such good little companions. Anyhow, good to hear from you too. I hope everything is fine with you and yours also. How old is Tia again? I've forgotten. Glad she has a new play mate.

    Hi Carrie!

    So good to "see" you again! I hope all is well with you and yours.

    Nick just turned 1 year old. I'm having so much fun exploring the world through a puppy. It had been a long time.

    Tia sends a big hello!

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