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  • If you want to e-mail or PM me the area where you're meeting on the west side of Knoxville, I may be able to help you locate a good spot.
    What do you use on their nails if you don't use clippers or a dremel? Tallulah is just, OMIGODMYFEETARETOUCHEDIMDYING!"

    Would you believe I've even tried files -- as in TOOLS -- on Kharma's nails and it didn't make a dent? :eek:
    "Terriers are so stoic." Truer words were never spoken.

    Except when it comes to having their nails done :rolleyes:
    Poor Dekka, being constipated on top of all this has got to be rough, and I know you don't want her straining. Have you thought about crushing up some pork rinds for her (since she shouldn't really be chewing anything)? They usually work wonders on constipation.
    Tallulah is quite proud of herself when she's being clever. The other two, however, do their best not to let me know what they've learned so they can use it surreptitiously. Bimmer's actually slicker about not getting caught. Kharma will brazen it out if she does, and she's not quite as concerned with keeping up the image of The Good Dog.
    LOL! Is it telling that there are things I try very hard to NOT let my dogs watch me do, for fear they'll figure it out and use it? :rofl1: Not that it's ever happened . . . Noooo . . . NEVER . . . . . especially not Kharma . . . . . . . . . . :doh: Or that they'll do their best to hide the fact that they know how to do something from me?
    HA! Everything means something! Dekka - (Latin) dexterous, adroit. Now that's fitting, lol.
    ITs that blue. And I joined the band for a reason, but Im not sure why I was let out of the band. Im still waiting for the catch.
    Just was wondering as your cam screen blacked out, hope all ok there. been watching your pup and was trying to check.
    Hi Everyone
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