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  • Podengo and Podenco have basically the same meaning, however I wouldn't switch it freely and say ibicenco podengo, nor the portuguese podenco. You're bound to get corrected!

    They are very similar breeds, except the Ibizan Hound doesn't come in three sizes. It would be most comparable to the Grande, since they're in the same height range. However, they hunt different game. With the ibizan will hunt other game, it is mostly used as a rabbit hunter. Like the podengo, it hunts in large packs. However they are different as they are adapted to hunt in Ibiza. What i gather is the mediterranean, prick ear hounds we know and love today did originate from probably the same dogs who were distributed by Phoencian traders. The Kelb-tal-fenek (Pharaoh Hound) and the ibicenco are very similar except for colour range and size (the kelb is smaller) and you can find similarities with other breeds.

    But, in the end although they are related in history, they have all developed to hunt and live in different terrain, climate, type of prey and have different hunting styles. The ibicenco shares colour and size (with the grande..) but the faces are slightly different and the portuguese podengo seems to be thicker boned.
    Yeah I know they are cute little things. I wouldn't mind a nice little Pequeno.
    Hey Purrson, it isn't a podengo. It's a podenco Ibicenco, or ibizan hound if you prefer.

    I don't own one yet, I still have a cat so I'll get one when I'm a little bit more dog experienced and have no small animals.
    We are good. We turned off the lights and went to bed. We left a message in the chat, hoped everyone had seen it.
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