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    What happened?

    I agree. I like FB but I greatly prefer a forum format for discussions. I do miss the heyday of chaz :(
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    What is the most common thing you say to your dog(s)?

    'Love You', 'soo cute'. 'Best dog EVER'. And 'stop walking on the boobs!'
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    New Camera = Some Crystal and Hero Pictures

    Nice pics! What camera did you get?
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    Let's Be Controversial

    Possibly. TBH I do not know that much about GSDs. I was just running with an example of a previous poster. I love the 'real' JRT temperament. And I get that I will be in the minority, even in a group of dog enthusiasts. Right now there are enough crazy people like me out there who are...
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    Lets see your horses!!

    This thread makes me sad :( I have no horses these days. I sold my baby horse in the fall. Sigh. (Working at Greenhawk - big tack chain for non Canadians - with no horse sucks the big one) I have to live vicariously these days. Kootenay> What is your plan for the little one...
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    Describe your dog(s) in 3 words

    Dekka: Serious, Intense, Attached (or Best, dog, ever!) Schen: Fluffy, Enthusiastic, Affectionate
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    Let's Be Controversial

    I think the issue with dumbing a breed down is the worry it will get popular. It will make the 'correct' version far more rare and those people who love the breed will have far less access to dogs. Also there is a risk that the people who love the 'GSD looking Golden' will become breeders, get...
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    Let's Be Controversial

    The issue I have with doodles isn't the dogs. Its the doodle breeders. There is a breeder in my areaish that just pumps out the doodles. Her dogs are nice enough, nothing super special but nothing wrong with them. But she gets super high prices with minimal health testing. I do agree that...
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    Delete my account?

    I know people have been banned for a while for their own good :) Maybe you can get banned for a while?
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    Winnipeg, Manitoba?

    I have been to New Brunswick in the Winter. Winnipeg blows it out of the water when it comes to brutal cold. Like we are talking normal temps of -20C in the winter. It is a nice city.
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    So called "wolf hybrids"

    Hybrids are bad ideas. If they are actual F1 or other recent crosses they tend to be very flighty and reactive. They do not typically make good pets. Insurance is also an issue. You are effectively keeping a wild animal. Many insurance companies frown on such activities. If someone was...
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    Nova Scotia Duck Tollers

    Living in Ontario and doing agility and obedience I have got to spend a lot of time with tollers. I agree meet the breeder's dogs. Talk to people who have their dogs. Be clear with the breeder what you are looking for. There does seem to be a lot of variety. Toller said most she had met...
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    Winnipeg, Manitoba?

    I lived there as a kid, so my memories are pretty kid centric (I went from grade 1-4 in winterpeg) Things I remember Cold. Seriously, I came from Ontario. This was shocking. I think ever year I trick or treated in a snow suit. One year I chose my winter coat so that would work as part...
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    Sports proscpects vs. Liveability: a poll

    Depends on naughtiness I think. IME some of the smartest dogs have been the most difficult in some ways. Smart driven dogs will find ways to get what they want. Less bright or driven dogs are more likely to not find ways and just accept what life has given them. That doesn't mean they...
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    Dekka pics

    Pics cause she turned 11 yesterday. and a brief vid