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  • Have you seen my first rescue auction piece? :) Good Kharma Tags's Photos - Wall Photos | Facebook
    Hey Smkie, I posted a Sadie update but I don't know if you saw it. It's here if you want to look at the thread but the basic gist is that she's very happy and has her very own boy to love. :)
    Hey now that put a big smile on my face. ALways a Snowy fan. : ) Thank you!
    Stopping by to say "hello" to an old Internet friend of mine and Snowy :)
    Hope life is serving you well!
    I think you and Hyia are the only people who share the fascination with dolls on the same kind of level. Hard to explain, but it goes farther than the beauty. She never got dolls as a child, and the one time she did get the one she wanted, a Sonja Henie doll, complete with ice skates, her brother took it out skating on the big iron kettle in the front yard, dropped it through the ice, and, being composition, it was ruined. He never even got in trouble for it. Ever since I grew up she's been looking for a little girl who loves dolls to buy dolls for, and Hyia has so many of the traits I had as a child. And then you love them too. :)
    will be posting pics soon. I think it was a virus or something evil. Anyway it is a little better but sure put a stop to most of my Christmas. She loves the doll. Thinks she is sooooo beautiful. Thank you so much to both of you. (((((HUGS)))) for thinking of her.
    Mom wanted to know how Hyia reacted to the doll. I told her you'd been down with a bad migraine. She used to get them whenever there was an Epling family gathering and hoped you felt much better quickly.
    Expect a package at your mom's. My mom's been doll shopping again, lol! I didn't want to take a chance on a package getting left outside your door at the apartment.
    YouTube - "Every little thing gonna be all right" (Bob Marley)
    Keep your chin up.
    I listened to it over and over again last night as I sat in front of my lit candle for her. I love this version, the piano I know Grammy would love, and his voice is so soft. Will do the same tonight. Hyia and I both love this song.
    Thanks for posting the song in Grammy's thread. It jogged my mind and I sent Amy an e-mail suggesting she play Sarah McLachlan's Surfacing album for Grammy. It made a positive impact on Charley's mother when she was in such great fear, and Grammy is so much more open than Blanche ever was, so it might have even more of a positive impact on her. Especially this song: YouTube - Sarah McLachlan - Angel
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