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  • Well, that's true. They may try to break the walls you build up, but you'll get to the point in which your walls are too strong for them to break. Then you'll realize how far you've come and how you don't need them.
    Can't wait to read your stories!
    Hi there...I joined as BuckyBadger and was banned because I posted 2 messages? one was in the intro section..I posted where I was from, pic of my dogs...and sais I was actively doing agility with my Shiba...I also posted in the Lure coursing thread...Did I do something wrong? All I want to do is be part of your community...I'mreally not a spammer...Thankyou for your time
    She doesn't get to see me laugh at her. Maybe she knows? They are lost in their own sick and twisted toxic world. I don't want any part of it.
    I'm telling you, I didn't have read much into the website to say to myself, "yep, that's what she is". lol. I guess its not funny. Humor is a way of me coping. I did read about the mothers of daughters of NM's and felt better about it all. If anything, she taught me how not to be and treat my child, so I guess there is a tiny bit of positive in that.
    Good grief. That website was clearly written about my mother. :rolleyes: I didn't need to read much to know it. I hope there is a section on how not to turn into one's mother.
    You know.. it wasn't easy to remove myself from the situation. If you only knew the latest developments. Sigh. But I had to do it to keep myself sane and keep Grace safe. She didn't/doesn't need to know what growing up/in crap like that is like. You can change your stars, too, Renee. Lick your wounds, get out of that slump and make a better life for yourself away from those that drag you down. You deserve it and are worth it.
    Getting big for her britches Nikki <3
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