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    Can't believe I missed it . . . But I hope you spent your birthday doing something amazing and self-indulgent. :) (((((((HUGS))))))))
    I miss you, too. :( I'll just have to catch you another time when you're not exhausted, I guess. (((HUGS))))
    I'm browsing chaz on my phone. :( I'm not feeling up to getting on the computer right now - I'm just feeling really sick right now. Ugh. When will you be on next? And if you're on later tonight and I start feeling okay I'll try to be on.

    Sorry I had to post this here.. It won't let me respond to PMs on my phone, apparently.
    Will you be at the SuperDog trial in April? I'm thinking about entering Roxy again... I messaged Nicole asking if they were going to have title ribbons but I never got a reply. Did you get any titles last time? I'm kind of glad we didn't as those pylons sucked! LOL

    I'm pretty sure the date is April 18th. Anyways let me know! It'd be nice to meet up again! :)
    I hope you don't mind me sending you a message. Could you tell me a little about your Cockers, do you just have one? I see that Cider is into agility, that would be fun to be involved in, she is very pretty and reminds me of our girl we lost 2 yrs. ago to stomach cancer. Are there many Cocker people on the site?
    Hey you! Congratulations again on your 2nd place with Cider, was it a 197!?!? Wahoo! :) How did it go with Smudge? Sorry I didn't stay to take pictures or watch, it's a long day and I just wanted to go home, Roxy did as well! LOL. Did any of the pictures I took of you and Cider turn out when you got them on the computer? I'd love to see the last hug shot, it looked great on your camera.

    Well, I imagine I'll catch you at the next one! :)
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