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  • I just threw my entry in the mail. 2 novice for Smudge, 1 RX for Cider as they couldn't be bothered to ever email me back.. so I don't want to finish a title there not that I think we are ready to ace every round.. But I don't want the chance if they won't offer title ribbons which I don't know as they never got back to me...
    I didn't even know there was one honestly. I've been looking at NAMBR and CARO's site for months and nothing.. Now I see this trial has popped up, and NAMBR has one too, but we aren't ready for that.

    Cider got 1 leg of RX last time.. Smudge NQ'd.. so no titles. I'm sending an email to Cindy to ask about title ribbons.. no title ribbons little desire to enter enough rounds to qualify for a title.. Like enter Cider only in 1 round as there's the small chance we could finish her title in 2.. and enter Smudge in 2 only as he could finish in 3 if he had a good day..

    I'll let you knwo if I get emailed back. I don't want pylons either ;)
    It was 197. I'm thrilled, still sad about our other rounds though I have no right to be. My expectations were higher than they should have been. Congrats with Roxy, you two had an awesome day :)

    I already was looking to see the next trial.. sadly there's nothing this way yet on the site. Hoping for maybe Campaign, never been there.

    The lighting in there was all darkish, I need to try to lighten them up, they really are all cute shots though, thank you. It's nice to have something non agility ;)

    Hope to see you again soon :)
    Hey, you were JUST in my store, and I thought it was you but didn't want to say anything until I knew for sure :)
    (I'm Sierra's mum, we talked about the collar that I bought her in Paris!)
    Nice to have met you!
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