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  • I have msn but not IM . What you have done is impressive, our breeder has competed in agility before but I think she is just doing conformation now. It takes a lot of work and committment for etither. I don't understand why there are so few cockers, they are the greatest.
    We have only had one other Cocker, she passed away 2 yrs. ago from stomach cancer at 15. We got her at 3 mos by default, our daughter couldn't keep her. She was such a sweetheart that I wanted more, I searched for months to find a breeder I could trust. If you ever want to look at our breeders website it is Tru-Luv's Cockers in Colorado. We have had mutts, Springers, Malamutes and Poodles but Cockers are my favorite.
    No worries. I always like to talk dogs ;) Especially cockers, haha. Do you msn or aim at all? I have 2. Cider is 4, puppymill rescue. She competes in masters level (highest) in AAC agility in Canada. Smudge is 19 months. I showed him limitedly. I'm working on regrowing his coat. His first AAC trial is in 2 weeks. I also do rally obedience with both. Smudge has only done one trial, Cider's in excellent. Have you always had cockers?

    My two are the only pets I've ever had. Most cocker people have already replied to you, ;) Brattine has 2 her roomie has one. Pixiesticks has 1, I have 2. Tessa I think is gone from the site now she had 3ish and competes in agility too.
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