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    Chinese Crested: Info Please!

    I have one. I have a hairless though. He's also a poorly bred rescue, though I love him anyhow. Dekka says I need to say he is delightful and he has no derp face. My parents were HORRIFIED when they heard I had gotten 'one of those dogs that wins ALL the ugly dog contests'. Then they met...
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    I am super sorry. It has been sad reading your struggles with him, but the improvement posts along the way have been wonderful to read. They are never with us long enough, but he was fortunate to have you, it was obvious how much you loved him.
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    Would you get a dog off of Craigslist?

    I did. Arson is a Kijiji find.
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    Camping With Dog. Help?

    Dekka and I go camping with horses and dogs a few times a year, and took a three week trip to the US with three dogs. Dogs are always free with us for naps or bed. We always have the correct number of rates for dogs. You never know when you need a safe place to toss dogs for a minute or an...
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    Kennel name HALP.

    Spitfire is an AKC registered kennel.
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    Kennel name HALP.

    Do you plan to never get another dog from a decent breeder again? The ' ____'s' part generally refers to being bred by that kennel.. If you tack it on the end though.. that is more generally recognized that you and your kennel didn't breed the dog.. like xxx xxxx of whatever faux kennel...
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    What do you all do for car safety?

    After having been in a high speed collision only a few months ago with all the dogs in the car. I'm still not sure what in heck the 'safe' option is. Would depend upon your car, the type of accident and the speed really. As pointed out above wire crates can get smushed.. Crate and doors...
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    Best jacket/coat?

    I like the body fit of foggy mountain coats especially for leaner dogs. They also fit sighthound type bodys well. They aren't indestructible though. I can't come up with anything that would fit that bill honestly. I like shedrow dog coats for cost/ warmth factor. But it's from a Canadian...
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    Summer's win photo

    Best win pic ever.
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    Tomorrow starts Nina's training

    There are better methods them luring. If you intend to teach more then the basics, I'd research more. You mentioned you were using a book. Might want to look into shaping behaviour instead.
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    Dog event clubs?

    Depends where you are located.. I'm in Ontario. NAMBR offers all breed and mixed breed tracking, obedience and go to ground (if a dog fits in a 9" hole). We have CPE and AAC agility for any dog. CARA offers racing to non sighthounds with parent club approval.. SDDA offers all breed and...
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    I have a bodymedia. I've had it 4ish years now. While I pay a fee for it, I like the stats, and I feel it's been worth itself. I know a bunch of ladies on a different group with fitbits and a few others, and it seems their fitbits seem inaccurate, on numbers at times.
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    The Panzer thread

    Hilarious. That is my horse's name ;)
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    Does such a breed exist?

    Kleins or moyen poodles are starting to be bred in north america. Rather than being a slightly smaller standard, they also have a tendency to be cobbier as well. I like poodles, but find myself more drawn to the kleins. A few are doing agility in our area. I could so take one of those home.
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    NADAC and TDAA

    No NADAC or TDDA here. Meredith in Maine plys TDAA.. I'll send her a link to this thread.. We play some CPE, though there is less and less here. No weaves in level 1 along with no teeter. Some games have no weaves in level 2 as well.