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  • Thank you for the greeting ;) the little poodle is so cute.

    Sorry for the delayed response, I was out of the country and didn't had access to the internet .
    Well, it's beautiful! My hair was always light brown, then darker brown, and now it's black. People think I dyed it. I've always wanted red hair. But there's no way I can dye my hair red. It would look horrible on me, though. :/
    Oh, and about the puppy. It starts with Australian. . .but doesn't end in Shepherd.
    Hehe. :D I still can't believe you finally did it! I LOVE your hair so much. I adore red hair, and the shade is gorgeous.
    I HATE FACEBOOK WITH THE PASSION OF A THOUSAND SUNS. I never get on there anymore. Linky here plz? :D
    For the Cesar thing? thanks I know the member who posted it is not ment it in a discriminative way buy it's a very controversial subjet around here.

    If they are not careful they can easily get the wrong idea or reaction of someone who is listening
    wooo! thank you for that link! LOVE stuff like that.
    a friend of mine picked up some books on vintage makeup and vintage hairstyling. i am resolving to the fact that i'm going to end up buying them too so i might as well just get it over with and order them. i might have to try a contest out when i get a better hang of it!
    naw. i don't join groups & organizations. it creates paper trails for investigation/prosecution.
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