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  • Well, lucky for you, her ex is keeping them so they don't need a home.

    I was hesitant about splitting them up, because they had been together forever, and they were already going through a huge change (a close friend of mine, their owner, successfully committed suicide early this morning while in a psychiatric institute under strict suicide watch). Regardless, I just talked to her ex and he will be keeping them, which I guess is good, because I'd have to have gotten all the way to Port Perry somehow to get them
    Any chance you wanna take 3 ferrets in? I may have 3 young healthy ones that need a new home, not sure yet.
    Are you near Toronto? You may have better luck actually adopting from them, I'm not even sure we have any adoptables at the moment!
    Bahaha Ohh man. I want a kit, bad :p **** renegade.

    Ferret aid is Toronto, I think? I'm ferret rescue society of ottawa
    I have a collection of books of photographs from the glamour era of Hollywood, starting back from the early silent stars. They've shown me a great deal.
    Well, you didn't do it, so no need for you to feel bad. Angry, frustrated, pissed off? Sure. What they do is no better than extortion.

    The trouble with kilns is you get a small one, then realize it's too small do do everything you want :eek: We've got a total of five of the things back here, lol, everything from a tiny jewelers' kiln to one that's, oh, at least 5' tall, which means it's a PITA to load and unload.
    They do that to generate revenue. There's no rational reason not to extend most visas other than to be able to charge. :madgo:

    Creatures are good. I'm up all night tonight, babysitting the kiln :wall: I'm making pet tags now and have three in there being sintered. Firing did not go quite as planned *sigh*

    Haven't you noticed, you can't quit chaz? ;)

    Seriously though... how are ya?
    Hey you!!!

    Where the heck have you been?!?
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