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  • Your message came up as being moderated :p

    Yep, they caught me. My life goal is to destroy $90 batches of collars.
    There is an Afghan hound reunion in the fall but I need to find a good excuse to visit before then though!
    Yep, she is. I do need to post pics. I couldn't find my charger for like a month. I just found it and now I can't find my camera. *facepalm*
    LOL. Fable is actually TINY. 20-something pounds maybe? She was so chubby and squishy with huge paws, but she's turned into a pretty, fine-boned little girl.
    :p let me know when you know dates. I didnt know if you knew yet or not. I think we are going to stay on the dis. property.
    Awww I wish I could watch her stream Cricket. :( don't have a computer with internet and my phone won't support the format needed to watch the stream.
    Oh gosh I am SO SO sorry about your friend. :(
    I have been there, unfortunately more than once, myself. If you ever need to talk, I'm more than happy to lend an ear and shoulder.

    I'm glad the ex decided to take them in, though. Now they can stay together in a big ferret ball of cuddles.

    I have a lot of unfortunate expenses coming up with my health and immigration stuff, so it may be a little while longer before we venture out and get this done, yet. Everything ended up falling right around this month and next month, because, well, why would it happen any other way, right? So I'm assuming we're about to be out about $1500 with that. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

    UGH, I wish I could take them ALL in. Can they be split up at all? Unfortunately, we have placed ourselves under a pet limit of 5 (2 cats, 2 birds, and one ferret) if I get a ferret, so I would only be able to get away with one unless I started offering to do everyone's laundry, ha.
    We didn't yet :(
    We are taking our sweet time, though not by my choice. Hopefully soon. I definitely am still preparing!
    A friend of mine brought home a ferret kit today and is posting pictures of him on her FB. It is driving me crazy.
    Is it the Ferret Aid Society you work with? Because I have had just about enough of seeing and not having, if you get my meaning. :p
    I REEEEALLY want to. I'm gonna talk more to Ryan about it. I was just looking at ferrets for adoption, too. Sigh.
    Hey woman! We should share pasta recipes! I could use a few new ones! :)
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