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  • When I can get these ferret tags figured out, would it be a help if I donated one to your ferret rescue to raffle off or use in some way to raise some money?
    His bloodwork came back great! Nothing was off at all. I'm probably going to have him rechecked every six to twelve months so I can see if anything starts acting up before it becomes obvious.
    And some thought about adding him a new sibling. My mom *really* doesn't want me to get another ferret, so I'm passively looking for one.
    The meds seem to be doing their job! After that one seizure scare she's gotten a lot better. She's still tires easily, but she is much more active than she was. She has started playing again (with people - she still wants nothing to do with ferret wrestling) and is almost back to her inquisitive self. Her appetite has picked up too - and after I went out and bought her some Wilderness specifically for her to intice her to eat she has now decided she really does like the TOTW and prefers to eat that. *shakes head* Luckly I bought a tiny bag that only cost me $10. LOL She's eating much better now and is so much more alert.

    I'm glad I posted something about her not acting right and you guys mentioned that insulinoma might be the cause, or I would have totally in the dark and wouldn't have known what the heck was going on - and Casey probably wouldn't be here right now.
    oh, Rogue - trying to give you a run for your money!

    My crew is doing well. I was concerned about Annie, I thought she was losing weight. We've been giving her duck soup occasionally. Its hard to say if she's actually lost weight, or if she looks small because Peyton is so FAT everyone looks small compared to her! :p lol

    I've been thinking about adding a brother, still, but I'm afraid to now lol
    Thank you sooo much for the card! I absolutely love Peanut's, its so adorable.
    I finally sent mine out today. :)
    thx u for the card , i went to send the packages and it will cost , 350 . 50 , to send out 20 boxes:( may not b able to do it
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