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    2016 Official Secret Santa Thread

    OK apparently you can't edit posts anymore. $25 minimum for packages. Packages should be sent out by December 15th or so, in order to get to it's destination by Christmas!
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    2016 Official Secret Santa Thread

    Post that you're in here, and then send me a PM with the following information: Screen Name: Real Name (or name to address package to): Address: Can you ship cross-border (US to Canada/Canada to US): Dog Name(s): Favourite toys: Disliked toys: Favourite treats: Allergies or treats they can't...
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    My precious Miagi...

    So sorry for your loss.
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    New look

    Yep, that field used to be the "number of dogs" or whatever.
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    Let's Be Controversial

    If people are able to see you naked in the public washroom, you're using the washroom wrong. Otherwise, they could "check you out" outside of the washroom too, since you were obviously in the same place. I mean, if they were checking you out. Which they aren't.
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    Tucker's Training Class Thread

    Yay, glad he was able to settle down for the last class and work for you! Yes, video please! :D
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    Let's Be Controversial

    I love flexis. It's pretty much all I ever used with Rosey, regardless of where we were. Doodles are great. Every one I've met, the family has been super happy with them. Not my cup of tea, but I love that they are filling a niche. Your "average pet owner" can, indeed, get a working bred...
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    Nova Scotia Duck Tollers

    As far as Ontario breeders, I've really liked Dragonluck kennels, based just outside of Ottawa. I've had long discussions with them and met a few of their dogs and loved them. I'm not 100% sure what they do testing wise.
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    Welcome home Ollie:Our new family member:D

    God that's a cute puppy.
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    Living far from family

    I wouldn't say I'm super close with my family, but having moved 5 hours away last year, it's hard even so. We try to make time to go down for big holidays, but we currently don't have anything planned for the foreseeable future. I'm pretty bummed about it, but it is what it is.
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    Hello there!

    Welcome! Gorgeous dogs :)
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    Those with multiple dogs...

    At work, the main group of boys mostly do their own thing, opting to nap or chew on bones instead of playing. We did recently add a puppy to their group, and the puppy will sometimes be able to convince them to play. The main group of girls are about half and half. We have a few pups that...
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    Economical source of cheap fish oil?

    I've never had the grizzly oil go bad on me, and I only use 1/4 pump a day (when I remember).
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    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    It's a closed group, so it will not.
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    Doodles around here seem to just happily doodle along. Romp around, sometimes chase a toy. It's very cute and enduring. Then again, the poodles around here seem to just happily poodle along. Romp around, rarely play with or chase a toy. Dumb and annoying.