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  • Her rope leads are awesome and the hardware they use on the leashes and collars is top notch. Ben is downright anal about it, lol.
    Yeah, its really pretty. It has a playground at the trailhead too. Dogs aren't allowed there anymore though :rolleyes: Though I still take Harleigh sometimes :p The trail is really nice and shaded, lol. Suwannee River is always good with me though! Yup - no excuses! Next time I'm in Tally I'll have to let you know too... Not sure when that'll be though.

    I'm transferring to North Florida Comm. College in Madison, for the time being anyways. After I get my A.A.S I'll be transferring yet again. lol
    LOL - there are those. Suwannee River State Park isn't far from my house (or from the school I'm transferring to) either :p Have you ever been to Falling Creek Falls? Its not a state park, just something that is maintained by the water management (I think). Its a REALLY short hike - like 0.8 or something - but it ends in a waterfall. Its really pretty! Its towards White Springs.
    Yes! And while this Goody's is probably the smallest ever, it's still pretty awesome. That would be awesome - not much to do around here, but I'm sure we could find something. :p
    No, they closed it down a couple years back! TJ Maxx is there instead. Live Oak has a Goody's now though... I know, we're moving up. haha.
    Bah ha ha What a spoile chunker!

    I've looking at the Ellas Lead website all morning drooling over it. I want!
    I will :) She really is. I love the littleshit. She was nuzzling Bimmer today and washing HIS ears.
    Well, isn't he just the special one, lol! Speaking of special ones, I've got a little Pittiegrrrl who is telling me it is time to go snuggle :)
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