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  • Sorry for the AWOL. It's all been way too much lately. I've barely been checking the one private e-mail account.
    okay susan3 , i said that class was held in a parking lot behind a grocery store. you need to get a freaking life and actually read the thread before you hunt people to insult.
    my husand works two blocks from the Rouses. That parking lot is located at Labarre and Airline. There is NO fence between the class and a 6 lane super bust road. Looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

    So STFU
    You told bold face lies about JCM's Dog Training on this forum. I looked them up. I went and watched a class. They are awesome. I talked to the people who were taking the class. They all had wonderful things to say about the program.

    You stop telling lies about them, and maybe I'll stop telling the truth about you. Oh, and get a life while you're at it.
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