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    Shows That Make You Geek Out

    Watched GoT. to say wtf is an understatement .
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    The shoes. We hates them.

    Have you considered no activity until healed? Loosing money on classes sucks, but stressing a dog until shutdown cause his feet are bad does not seem fun. Maybe no running and things for a bit might help them heal well enough that his poor feet won't keep getting ripped open. I can imagine the...
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    Horrible RV ride... anxiety/help?!

    Can maybe drowning out the noise help?
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    Do you like where you live?

    I live in Metro New Orleans. I love it and would not move for anything. Sure there is crime and drugs , but using ya brain you are safe enough. The history and ambiance makeup for everything. The river and swamps are breathtakingly beautiful.
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    Shameless Jamberry promotion

    Yes! I will put them on in a bit and share . they look cool a d sound so simple. Thanks again!
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    Shameless Jamberry promotion

    Will do! Does Hannah like them?
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    Shameless Jamberry promotion

    I am all bout DAT free sample. Lol no seriously though I am loving this and really want to try them out. Does a blow dryer really work as well as the heater? I don't want to go whole hog on something and not use it. I am cheap like that.
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    Shameless Jamberry promotion

    How easy are these?
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    But gas is so cheap!
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    Favorite brand & type of ice cream

    The homemade kind me and the kids make. Usually it is a orange sherbert , or maybe a chocolate with a bunch of stuff mixed in.
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    My dog doesnt have papers, can i register him? Please Help!
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    Do You Enjoy Pooping?

    hahah i have at least 2 or 3 paper backs in there and i always bring my phone. my girls even read and poo. lol
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    Do You Enjoy Pooping?

    WELL only to certain people and those people are easy to multi task with , like the kids , say huhuh a couple times and they keep rambling. i read on the phone so reading and talk all the time.
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    Do You Enjoy Pooping?

    You need full concentration to take a dump ? For real????? I am flabbergasted . I can talk on the phone and read and poo all at the same time.
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    Do you have a life motto?

    It's not what you say , It's what you DO!.