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  • Check out Cook's Illustrated :) It's different from most cooking magazines, they give a lot of technique stuff and information that's incredibly useful -- and not incomprehensible babble that only makes sense if you've been to cooking school :eek:
    Do you know what kind of dog the smaller black and white one in the "We are Lennox" picture is? We have a dog just like it and have been trying to figure out what she is.
    Nope. I'm under no impressions. I have a pretty good idea where other people's home forums are and this is NOT going to pollute Chaz. It doesn't matter where allegiances lie; it's not being brought in here. Period. I don't like moratoriums as a rule, but I do reserve the right to make exceptions and this is one of those remarkable times. There is no room for it here, genuinely or disingenuously.
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