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  • I just heard about Mary (haven't been on Chaz much to catch up with threads) and I wanted to send you my condolences. She was much loved and she was the luckiest dog to have you in her life. wasn't worth the effort. I was hoping to bring in some money to compensate my Mother for all she is paying Dr. Crist since insurance doesn't cover his care. It was more trouble then it was worth.
    Did someone send Hyia an American Girl doll for Christmas? I thought I remembered reading that, but couldn't be sure.
    I feel your pain. Soon as it turns hot the mold will explode it has rained so much. I will not have any choice but to crank the ac up. Zertec is so expensive but it does help me a great deal. My son has asthma and had to use the breathing machine when he was growing up. I know up close and personal what you must be feeling. Sorries. We just finished on your mark get set Come and jump through the hoop. Basically i work for two -3 hours then take a break and train my dogs or stay outside with them so they can have recess.
    teehee, Kona is bugging me to go out too, but with the heat and my breathing problems, I can't :( I had to use my inhaler for the first time in like, 4 years yesterday :(
    WE are frustrated by threads but getting over it. HAd a nice walk and training sesion, and about to go out again. Thanks for being my first message. I had no idea what this is all about. Pepper has her nose in my ear...and grunts..her way of saying you have been sitting there much too long mama and she is right.
    No visit messages for you? :(

    That's ok, I'll be your first!

    How are you, Vic, PepperPot and Mary?
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