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  • Hi Ali honey, how are you doing? Girle is very sick and I may have to put her down soon. Gillion had 7 pups that leave Sat, May 30. I imported 3 new pups I work with daily. I miss you.
    Just been really busy pretending to be an adult. :p
    Not as much as I miss you!!!
    Omg, why did I not know you were in California? lol. I have been thinking I was the only cali member! I am about 3 hours from you lol. I live in the Central Valley.
    I just wanna make sure your ok. Keep your hopes up, alright?
    Ali... honey...

    I dunno what to say. Can you get on MSN? Or maybe at least talk back and forth through here?
    If your health is good enough, there certainly is no reason why not. i assume you would share the problem I have--you would catch every bug that anyone brings in, but that can be managed.
    Hi honey, so happy you like school this year and that your not real ill. I think of you daily and how your feeling. I have not talked to Melissa on other place at all, she is gone. Wish you could come over some and talk to me. I miss you, your a great friend sweetie and I am thinking of you and worry, stay well and keep in touch please....This old lady forgets, had the flu did not get a shot and was bed ridden so sick. I am ok going to docter Dec11. You take care and I will be back to see ya.
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