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  • Hey Sheppy! I am doing okay,sick these last few days, but I'm doing okay. How are you?
    Oh no, I'm so sorry about Girle! ((((hugs)))) If you have to or not, she has lived an awesome life with you. Congratz on both Gillion's pups and the new import pups! How exciting! :) I miss you too!
    Hi Pat!!

    Where are you? I haven't seen you anywhere lately. Let me know that you are okay so I can stop worrying.
    Yes,I'm from Canada and right now I wish I was somewhere warmer. We are buried ib snow and it's -18C with cold north wind.
    My company just left and I'll be pretty busy till after New Year's too when all my kids leave but I needed a short break today.
    Nice talking to you, will probably be bumping into you after the year settles in. Hope you have a Happy New Year.
    Hey sheppy! It is scary! I really hope that everyone can get through this holiday season! I try to drop over 'there' from time to time...so many changes, and I am not usually on when you are! :p

    Hope all is well! :)
    Hehe hey Sheppy! Yeah, I am pretty much here for now. Glad your doing good, I am doing good too! :D
    Hii! Yup, I've been switching places, hehe. I've been doing okay..going to the doctor tomorrow so we'll see how good (or bad) I really am doing. Last time we went there they were talking about one of those G-tubes... Ugh!

    How have you been Sheppy? Haven't talked to you in like, forever!
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