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  • wishing you a fantastically happy birthday, and hope the year brings you much happiness! I'm sure Mia will be sure to bring you some laughter, and Summer will bring you joy.
    Laur, look at these Paps near me! Ahhh, want sooo bad.

    First off, puppy!
    Petfinder Adoptable Dog | Papillon | Lutherville, MD | Tony

    Petfinder Adoptable Dog | Papillon | Baltimore, MD | Bogart in MD 2011-020
    Hello! Yes, I have two paps :)

    Lilly, the red sable, is nearing 7 years old. I got her from a BYB back when I didn't know too much about the dog world. She's about 13.5" tall and a total goofball xD

    Knight, Is my little man. He's 9" tall and a total love. He's from Patuxent Papillons in MD out of Pilot and Attie.

    How about yours? He's beautiful!
    I'm sorry to bother you Laur, but what do you think of these?


    Welcome to KEN*MAR
    Would you mind giving me links to some good pap breeders? Never too early to start looking. :p
    look up the new member crush.... That is all I will say... that and mainstream dog owner lmao
    I think I know what your girls want for christmas lol
    I'm NOT a Chihuahua! Pet Shirt from
    This is getting to be a habit ;) Just wanted to tell you, specifically after reading your post on Fluffy's thread about Annie, how very much I love and appreciate you :)
    I just wanted you to know how incredibly proud I am of those posts you made today :) (((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))
    Hey. Papillons are great dogs, huh? I have two of my own.

    I'm a fanatic. :P
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