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  • AHHH!! I can't wait to hear it! I have the ones he released but not the others. I think I could probably find them on YouTube but I'm gonna wait til I get the album. I'm so excited!! He is so incredible! (:
    Hello from Florida,
    Annie's new collar via you and Jackson arrived today....Its even prettier than the picture...I love it. Thank you for telling me about and for the prompt shipment.
    hugs, Eun & Annie
    Love that name, I have a Jackson, too. He is a bottle raised kitten (5 months old now) with a large personality. I fostered him and 2 others. My hubby can't let him go to foster adoption events, so he is ours. Our new puppy Lolly is 3 mo. old and they are inseparable!
    WOHOO!!!! Happy to read that Jax is back to his full self. I need my jackson-picture-update :D I miss jackson photos!
    Hi. I started a new forum on my pet website and I'd love to have you join. The more the merrier :) Forum | 123-pet.com
    Thinking of little Jackson - i know how not fun he must be thinking it is to do no activity :( i pray that the other test that he will do will give some answers to the higher lipase levels.
    Brownie and Jackson are the same size Just a 2 pounds difference in size But he will be losing those 2 pounds this summer!
    To tell you the truth, I am STILL waiting to get a reply to my email from last week. I emailed her TWICE and have not heard back from her. This is crazy. I am trying to be patient, maybe she went on vacation, but I've seen her post on facebook. Maybe she's sick?
    Doesn't she have her phone number on her facebook or website? I know it's on her business cards. Maybe try calling her?
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