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  • JB's new album = <333

    My friend sent it to me a few days ago. Some advanced copy thing. But OMG i love it.
    AHHH! <3 <3 <3 Same here, I made the fam watch it lol! My brother didn't care to watch it, but my dad did and he loved it! My parents approve of him as my husband. ;) LOL!
    Guess what I bought this weekend......

    Never Say Never!!!! =0) Woop! So excited. I made like everyone in my fam watch it, lol.
    OH, and thank you for the compliment. I really need to get a more recent pic of them together and put that on my profile. lol But they were sooo cute in that one, despite their shaved bellies.
    No problem! Yes, Sairi (the older one) is Siamese. I assume Gwen is a Siamese mix, but I don't really know. I found her in a bag on the side of the road.
    Wasen't it good? Lol I went to Walmart the other day to look at the Special Edition of Eclipse. Since there is the first chapter of Breaking Dawn in it. The first chapter was pretty good. Have you read it yet? Yeah I like Jacob too but I don't really like him for Bella for whatever reason im all about Edward. But yeah Eclipse does make you like Jacob a bit more. I just wish he would imprint on someone soon.
    I can't wait to read it, then! My sister's upset that she's finished it, because she doesn't want to have to wait three months for the next one. :p I'm going to start it when I finish the current book I'm reading. I haven't pre-ordered it, but I have the little slip that I need to bring to Barnes & Noble so I can get that done. :D
    Yes I have! It and Twilight are probley my favorite two out of the series so far. I have actually read all three of them twice lol. I can't wait for Breaking Dawn I have it pre ordered already lol. Hopefully the first chapter will be online soon. I know its gonna be in the back of the special edition of Eclipse.
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