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    Im so sorry for your loss, Jess. She was so loved.
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    Weird foods you've eaten?

    Reindeer. Raw, killed-5-minutes-ago octopus. Rattlesnake, sea urchin. Alligator, moose.blood sausage. Eel sushi is the best sushi ever. That octopus though....those tentacle really like to stick to your teeth and chopsticks.
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    Are you afraid of *death*?

    Not anymore.
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    Where do you donate/volunteer?

    Just the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. :) I wish I had a bunch of money to donate to various charities, but I don't. /:
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    Scientific Literacy Quiz

    44%...And that's why you stay in school, kids.
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    I was thinking about a former Chazzer today

    Wow, I remember this. So heartbreaking.
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    Who Do You Side With - nifty politics quiz

    I took this the other day and I remember I was 1% Republican :rofl1:
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    Did you get the iPhone 5?

    Waiting until I can get my upgrade, October 25th! YAY! I've had a 3GS for a long time and I'm so excited for it to be a completely new phone for me!
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    I'm living in my worst nightmare horror story

    Oh my god burn that house down! That is so terrifying. Hope you guys can get rid of them soon!
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    Future Tattoo/Piercing Thread

    Piercings! I wanted an Industrial sooooo bad, but they wouldn't do it on my ear. So instead I got a Forward Helix. I want to add on, so I'm going to get two more of those. And then I think I'll just get second lobe piercings. Once I'm all fit and toned I'd love to get hip piercings, but that's...
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    do you like wine?

    Not that I drink it often or anything, maybe a glass for dinner every once in a while(my family is so Spanish..) but I do like wine. I prefer red wines, especially merlot or cabernet.
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    What is your favourite website?

    Reddit, then Tumblr. :)
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    Do you have a healthy relationship with food?

    I love food and tasting food, but food is also fuel and I've trained myself to eat when I'm not even hungry and when I'm bored, because if I didn't, I couldn't keep my weight up.
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    How far do you live from your birth place?

    Right now, since I'm back in Alaska, I'd say I'm about 10 minutes away. :p
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    Well that's a bummer...

    We're here housesitting. :( Anchorage! I definitely can take the classes, it's the paying for them that is difficult, which is why I'm considering waiting until I can get back to CA and go to a literal community college. Romy, I heard about that program today, but the lady that I talked to...