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  • What can I say, I have amazing taste in music :rofl1:
    Totally better than Hasslehoff, especially the pervy mustache. :p

    I haven't seen his Xmas song, I will definitelly be investigating tonight, I doubt the whole 3rd floor of the library would appreciate listening to Gunther right now, lol!
    It's Jeff's account - he's Choas. I've been trying to help him out lately. We dualed on the US speed server for the last couple of weeks, but it ended today. :(

    I probably won't play again (on my own, and for serious) until the comx server restarts. That's the one I'm most comfortable with, and have more connections with. It sucks because our endgame happened while I was in the hospital and my sitters SUCKED. They were playing on another server at the same time and got too busy and just totally abandoned my account for a couple days, which on a speed server is a total no-no. So, basically, I went from being ranked in the top 500 to something really horrible. It made me so mad, I swore off playing for a while, but that didn't last long, lol. That's why I started helping with Jeff's accounts. It's so addictive, isn't it?
    Do you happen to play a game called Travian? I found another player, female, with the username Dekka and one of their villages is named Bounce something. I immediately thought it might be you so I thought I'd ask.
    I knoow trying to stay off it so that I can get some studying and note taking done today, just got my Chaz fill for the day so I really should be off to study for a few hours Ill catch you on their later cheers:)
    After reading my first message, I realize that I have sort of a nervous laugh when I'm online. LOL. You can tell by all the LOLs... LOL! It's sort of like Tourett's. Are you sure you still want to be friends? No telling what might come busting forth from my vocalizations. :p
    Hi Dekka. Thanks for sending me the friend request. I'd love to be friends with you and your JRTs too! LOL. I hope I checked the right places. LOL. It's a new thing to me. I'm sort of always.
    So was I, Dek. We were all WTFing in chat over it.

    You're not pathetic at ALL. (((((HUGS)))) You're a much bigger person.
    me either ive told her the same thing multiple times and she still keeps going round and round in circles
    reminds me of someone else.
    I thought I did something wrong. No intention to spam though... :)
    So... what kind of pets do you have? :)
    why do I have that SPAM jpg file instead of my signature? am I not allowed to direct people to another external source that might be of help for them? or... if I'm not allowed to do it by putting my own link, is thewww.dogstardaily.comre any other way I might be allowed to do it? I have people that are really satisfied with my own website.

    Thank you for understanding.
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