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  • So glad you got to see a quick difference with the shampoo. I seriously was afraid I was going to lose a lot of my hair before I found out! It was AWFUL. No more chemicals on my hair!
    You might want to have a go at this stuff for your hair shop - Cassia Obovata makes your hair shiny, healthy and strong and restores gray or drab blond color! or this shop - Amla Powder for skin and hair care or combine the two. Your hair will have a lot more body and shine and might even need less washing! Also, if you aren't already, use a shampoo without SLS (the sodium lauryl/laureth sulphates) or parabens. I still cannot believe the difference it's made in my hair, which had gotten so bad it was scaring me!
    I love making siggies and icons.
    I was wondering if you want any.
    I make them on anything you want.
    Just send me the pics you want on it, tell me the colors you want, and any words you would like on it.
    I will make one or a few.
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