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  • I wish it would be a simple fix like that... but when I realized what i had done.. the first thing I did was actually go in and restore it to a previous date and it didn't work. I think what happened is I bought this computer from a place like rent a center, but it was called aarons. They loaded all the software onto the computer and labeled everything as "aaron" and it was driving me nuts because everything was listed as the administrator as being aaron. I found the aaron folders and deleted them. It even gave me a warning box telling me if I deleted them that it may have shared files and certain programs might not work right... but I ignored the warning and deleted them anyway because in the back of my mind I knew I could just wipe out the hard drive if it messed anything up. I had no idea it was going to mess it up this bad or I would have just left the dang folders. I can't hardly do anything on this computer now and to think that it's my stupidity that caused it just pisses me off..lol
    omg.. that's way beyond what I can comprehend..lol I get lost with iso files and dameon tools. I guess I'm out of luck now. I wished I knew what the hell I deleted that is causing me to not be able to save files or download anything. That error box keeps coming up whenever I try to. I am missing so many files and parts of programs. It even took my browser right off the computer but yet I can log on if i go to some weird windows program in my program files that says to go to the microsoft website..lol This is nuts, i don't even know how I am managing to get online at all.
    wow, i've really gone and messed up my computer...waaahh. I can't even save a file without that error coming up. I have never messed up this bad and I've owned a computer for the last 15 years. I don't know what I am going to do, I'm sure it would cost me a small fortune to put it in the shop to be fixed. Gaahh.. I'm so pissed at myself for messing this up. Thanks for trying to help me fix it, I appreciate the effort.
    That spammer came back under another name . . . but I think there's an * by the sig now? I "fixed" it :rofl1:
    HAHA I dunno if it's the mods' fault. I got a message this morning saying there were a half-dozen PMs complaining about how un-family friendly my siggie was - doubt it was only mods complaining. :p No one, apparently, had the guts to contact me with their wadded-up panties and ask me to remove it. ROFL!!!!!!

    The sad thing is, if I'd been asked politely, I would have removed it no questions asked. Oy.
    Oh, was this where your mind went, too? The Toothbrush - The Ultimate Sex Toy

    A bunch of us nearly hurt ourselves giggling over that awhile back :rofl1: And the awful part was, the next day, my mom bought me one of the expensive sonic toothbrushes :eek: :rofl1:
    I love making siggies and icons.
    I was wondering if you want any.
    I make them on anything you want.
    Just send me the pics you want on it, tell me the colors you want, and any words you would like on it.
    I will make one or a few.
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