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  • I tried to pm you, your inbox is over limit, you need to add [/IMG] to your picture when you post it, not just [IMG]
    Call me when you get this.... I am soooo excited about this trip, just found out the Bluenose is doing 2 hour cruises, not 1/2 hour!!!! I need to reserve asap!!
    Ha, no kidding Renee!! Too funny, oh gezzz one of those days, world look out I za pmsing!!!!!!!!
    Lynn, the correct clinical term is "Diarrhea of the mouth complicated by constipation of the brain." :rofl1:
    Anna, that is a very kind offer, thank you. lol I am just more than a little bit pc dumb lol.
    How many photo's would you need? I will have a look and see what I have or would want to use.
    Do you want a siggie or an icon...maybe even a few of them?
    I make them.
    Just give me the pics you want on them
    It can be on anything you want from dogs to anything.
    Let me know the colors you want and words.
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