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  • I really don't know if there's something different or special, but a lot of people have gotten good results. A few have said they didn't see a difference, but nothing is going to work on every dog. Maybe someone who has one would post some pics of it, on their dog and opened up so you could see how it's put together and if there's anything different.
    don't know why I didn't think of this before! Have you thought about trying a Thundershirt on Zander? It might help on the transport, as long as there's nothing on it that could get hung on the crate.
    So . . . you love makeup?

    I'm SO hooked on this stuff. Professional grade -- way beyond anything I've ever used, even the ultra-high end stuff I used to get at an outlet that carried lines from Saks, Neiman-Marcus and that sort of place. Her prices are great, too. She's not an indie, she's a start-up, also a professional photographer and performer. The prices are great, she has incredible sales and put together packages for people who are new to the brand. On a first order, if you use the code "Felurian" you get 10% off the regular price. The color shifters are so freaking much fun!
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