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  • It's [email protected] :-) I agree about the publishing. I've found some of the best books/series from Indie authors on Amazon. I rarely even read the main stream authors anymore, except for George Martin's Game of Thrones series. That hooked me pretty quick. I really don't notice any difference in the books at Barnes and Nobles from major publishers, or the ones I get on Amazon from Indie's. Most are even better! I can't wait to read it!
    I'd be thrilled to! Send me your e-mail and I can zap you the file.

    I'm publishing on CreateSpace, in both printed and Kindle format. I'll probably also publish on iTunes and on Barnes and Nobles' version of CreateSpace, since none of them require exclusive rights.

    There's no reason to use a traditional publisher anymore. Unless you're an established mega-celebrity writer they don't do any publicity or marketing -- you do that all by yourself. All they do is throw the book out there with no fanfare, nothing to help it sell, and take over 80%. Then the agent takes another 10%, +/-.

    And you're still out there investing your own time and money to market your work, not to mention they set the price, you lose creative control but you don't get an actual editor or proofreader.

    Where's the logic in that? I can publish for essentially zero initial capital outlay and everything above and beyond the cost of production is mine.
    It's set in the early 70s, shortly before the end of the Viet Nam war. It's definitely character driven, tension and suspense . . . sex, a very different romance, lol. I've gotten great feedback from my beta readers so far.
    Not sure how to tell what The Black Dog Dialogues is about, lol! It was supposed to be a short story, at most, a novella, to go in an anthology with that title, a series of stories loosely tied together by the different Black Dog legends that have been told since -- well, since we started telling stories -- but it's taken on a life of its own. I'll probably still do an anthology, but this one's going to stand alone, looks like.

    The Black Dog legend that appears in it is a modern one, from long haul truck driver stories. It's a phenomena, and appears when a driver is exhausted and starts to hallucinate. Weirdly, the majority of the hallucinations are black dogs. Sometimes guys will see something different (one guy's "black dog" was a baby in a briefcase), but it seems to be rare that, after a driver experiences his Black Dog, it ever changes. He'll experience the same vision -- or visitation -- whatever it is -- each time.
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