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  • Just reading and giving me your reaction and whatever feedback you feel like -- anything from as simple as "well, that's X amount of my life I'll never get back" to "on page 47, paragraph 5, you should have a comma." Some people want to go over things with a fine tooth comb, but I'm not looking for it. That's too much like work and what I'm really interested in is how it reads, does anything stall your reading and make you go back and think WTF or "is this part EVAR going to end." Just whatever reaction you have.

    I'm interested in 50 readers' reactions, not because it's anything like 50, but a) I know you're not going to have a meltdown over fairly graphic sex, and b) reactions from people who read it and liked it are pertinent because they're part of my audience on this one, although it wanders into suspense/modern fantasy/other weird, undefinable genres.

    Hell, I may have created a new niche genre, lol. It doesn't really fit into any traditional one.
    so . . . you've read 50?

    BWUAHAHAHAAA!!! Now I will bug you to beta read Black Dog Dialogues for me :popcorn:

    Seriously, if you're willing, PM me your e-mail and I'll send you a PDF.
    Hey- I just wanted to invite you to check out my Etsy page... I have lots of homemade doggie goodies! If you don't see what you are looking for, I would gladly make whatever it is that you need!! Please feel free to ask!! Oh, and I am offering a 10% discount to customers as part of my grand opening!! Thank you!
    She did look pretty funny with those back tits swollen up like an udder . . . or would have if she hadn't looked so miserable at the same time. Damm false pregnancies. Kharma had one her first time, too, but thankfully didn't get mastitis.
    Thought I would let you know, Tallulah is healing up nicely, little tits gradually going back down to normal and the sores are healing really fast. I'm giving her the clavamox generic as prescribed, but not the Tramadol, as she really didn't seem to be in more than minimum discomfort (which kept her quiet) for a couple of days and she is now bouncing around and being her mouthy little self again.
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