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  • I saw your post! He is beautiful. Congratulations! I have been so busy. I stop by every now and then and lurk around the forums, but I don't have a lot of extra time these days. How the heck are you?! We should get together when you've recuperated and are feeling up to it. Grace is wonderful! She's 15 months now and is a total love. It's a life changing experience for sure. :)
    Hey Erica, how are you doing? just thought I'd drop a message to see how things were and how you're holding up =) take care <3
    Sometimes people learn from their mistakes. The hard part is figuring out if the lesson really "took" or not. It's not as easy as "throw the bum out," especially when you've got a child between you.
    ((((((((HUGS)))))))) Not going to tell you to never take him back . . . balance what your heart and your head tell you; clear your mind of all the outside noise and listen to what you KNOW. <3
    I hear you on your stepfather. Both of my parents did that crap -- but just to me, not my sister. Beat the hell out of me with a belt or whatever was handy that would hurt the worst. That's how my sister figured out it was okay to beat on me when she was frustrated. I wasn't allowed to defend myself or I'd get the hell beat out of me. I learned to distance myself from the pain . . . and to despise anyone so weak they had to resort to taking their anger out on someone in their control with physical abuse.

    You've really brought yourself a long way away from it. That's strength. They're the weak ones.
    Hey. I hope you saw my apology and I hope you're not really leaving Chaz. You're one of my favorite people here, even if for some reason we've disagreed in the past few days.

    I've been okay, I've been in VA. Just not posting on chaz. :p

    How about you, gorgeous? And the Foz and Gonzo?
    Oh I'm glad you got it with your moving, and all! Happy you liked everything--I had fun picking stuff out for you and your crew!
    I love making siggies and icons.
    I was wondering if you want any.
    I make them on anything you want.
    Just send me the pics you want on it, tell me the colors you want, and any words you would like on it.
    I will make one or a few.
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