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    GSD Puppy is born!!!

    AHHH I LOVE her Daddy! That black sable tho... :eek:
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    Aquarium help

    I had pygmy leopard corys in my female Betta tank and they all got along great :) I never cycled a tank... just did weekly water changes and monthly cleanings. The corys will help clean up too! I really hated my corys tbh, I put them in my baby Betta tank to clean all the baby brine shrimp...
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    Ugh Gross.

    Ughhh so heart wrenchingly AWFUL!!! WHY. WHY was a toddler left alone with two intact dogs, one in heat!? I have heard countless stories about children being mauled when left with an intact male and a bitch in heat. Children should not be left alone with dogs period, but that is taking neglect...
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    Interesting Behavior Changes in Aging Dogs

    OOOhhh, Gonzo has started getting majorly senile in the past year. He's almost 15! He still runs around like crazy and looks about 8. But I can tell he's changed a lot which is kind of sad. :( He has all the same stuff going on as Bamm, lol! He is great with other dogs where he used to be a...
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    STOP. Just Stop.

    OMG I cannot believe Middster's 9!!! He only gets cuter with age :) Love him.
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    What star sign is your dog?

    My two are a Cancer and a Pisces... which are compatible! I never thought to check out their signs, but they're frighteningly accurate. Fozzie: If you happen to be born between the 1st and 10th March you love people but are particularly attached to your kith and kin and excel in sharing your...
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    Do you leave your dogs loose together?

    Umm... I'd say that is a GREAT thing, that you can trust your dogs! :) Mine have always been alone, since Fozzie earned free roam of the house at 6 months. They've never had any issues. I even webcammed them and they just lay around all day. Fozzie's SA starts acting up if he's not left at...
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    Today my CAO defended me hehe!

    For once I agree with you ;) A CAO is a SERIOUS breed... this ain't no GSD or Malinois. However, you as the owner must make every precaution to keep your dog under control, or he might have to pay with his life. Enroll in positive based dog training classes with a certified professional trainer...
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    "Dog park People"

    Can I just say it's annoying when people act like ALL HUMPING IS DISGUSTING, INAPPROPRIATE, EVIL AND MALICIOUS? When some one raves about it in that manner, I feel instantly that they don't have much dog experience or they just don't know dogs. Play mimics real life; hunting, mating, fighting...
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    Ripe Meat for Kibble-fed dog

    I would give him some yogurt and pumpkin on the side, but he should be fine :)
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    Westminster Confo show

    Wow, that's soooo cool! Pepper has a celeb in the family. ;)
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    Westminster Confo show

    I was THRILLED that Coco the Cardigan won the herding group!!! It's about time a Cardi won! :D I must admit I'm a little bitter that the Wire Fox Terrier got BIS... I mean, they've won 14 times - much more than any breed. There has got to be preferences/politics at work behind that. It seems...
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    What is your ideal pack?

    My ideal pack is about 5 Cardigans (blacks and blues), 1 Pembroke, 1 black sable male GSD (DDR pls), & 1 Bernese Mountain Dog. The Corgis for overall comic relief and showing, the GSD for PP/obedience/sport, and the BMD for cuddling/nannying/pulling my son in a wagon. :) I would also like a...
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    Crating dilemma

    I find Kong beds to be VERY durable! If you're willing to spend more, my friends Dane destroyed every bed except this kind I'd definitely be scared of blanket eating, too. What a big baby. :p
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    "Training" Toothpaste

    I would offer her raw meaty bones... necks, shoulders, hocks of small animals (pork, lamb, chicken, etc) are safe and work wonders on teeth. Greenies also help a lot.