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  • He has snuggles his way in and even the cats are used to him now-I never thought it would happen lol! I need to get more pics today:)
    At this point I don't STILL snowed here all day long :eek: I thought of you immediately when I saw we were canceled! Teehee! But when I didn't find you here or farming, I assumed the worst :rofl1:
    NO THEY DID NOT! (there's a thread in the hydrant!) We were called for snow :mad:
    I'll take that. My sister told my parents I'd been the one who pushed HER down the steps. Mom beat the hell out of me, then told dad to finish it. Didn't matter that I was the one all banged and bruised up and Fey didn't have a single red mark :rolleyes:
    LOL . . . Okay. I can do that. I'm prone to duck though. When my sister hit, kicked, slapped, punched me it wasn't affectionate -- it was a little on the vicious side. She even knocked me down the stairs once -- on purpose.
    Ah, well, Good morning to you, too, then. I've no doubt earned a kick or two along the way, though, lol.
    Yay Donnie you twinkle toed freakmeister.. I'm obviously riveted to Dancing with the stars, any excuse to see his toothyness in all his rocky horror show like glory. ;)

    Actually I can't think of anything more disturbing, those teeth twirling around catching the studio lights at speed... Now I know what Manfred man meant when they said.. "Blinded by the lights" :eek:
    Heh! Tell me about it! I have been cutting calories too since I've gained weight being laid off........fall/winter is the WORST time to diet! LOL Right now I have cake cooling on the stove 'cause it's my daughter's 18th (yesterday be we are celebrating today) ARGH!
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