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  • Happy Birthday! Hope you are getting spoiled today -- I know it's usually you doing the spoiling :)
    That's so cool. I try and see if I can go >.<

    The apllication looks very good, but honest as to not to be "too good" if you know what I mean
    The rescue forwards the applications to me first. Then I get to talk to them and decide to move on from there or not. Since I do, they will contact all of their references (including vet) and schedual a home visit, keeping me involved all the while. If I put my foot down and think that its not a good match for a reason, then they say they will respect that decision.

    So far, so good
    No, I've never been. Where is it??? hmmm....
    The foster is doing very well... actually, I got my first adoption application today! :eek:
    So... how much did you spend at the dog show? lol
    I got Maddie a harness/coat. I've been looking at them since last year, and just now finally bought one :p I also bought some toys, treats, and shampoo. I'm going to see if it was worth it today ;)
    I was looking for an 'adopt me' vets or something similar, for Lily, but I never found one. I hope I don't have to make one myself, poor dog, lol!
    It was a lot of fun! There were soooo many rescue booths there, and I love to see that. I talked to one rescue, Marilyns Voice (or something like that) and she tried her hardest to get me to adopt this one cocker. I told her I couldn't because we have 3 in the house right now :p and we might be fostering. Then she gave me an app to foster through them as well :o I probably won't turn it in, though.
    As always I spent way too much money! I bought an 'I-Clicker' and a 'Clik a Stik' to play around with Maddie :D I also bought some treats, and got a ton of free stuff. Wish you could've made it! Oh, well. There's always the dog shows at the IX (are you going to that?) or theres always next year :p
    I don't even know if I am responding to this right!

    I would love to go-I am going to have to try to get off work though! We went to the Cleveland grand prix Sunday and watched the dock dogs there-its was nutts!
    There is a dock diving thing at forever friends, rt 303 on August 2nd. After watching them practice, they'll answer questions & let you try it with your dog. Then there's a free swim for the dogs... I'm considering going - Maddie loves water, but I'm not sure if she'll jump. Any of yours love water? ;) :p
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