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  • Just read about Missy's loss of muscle and soreness. Get her either on Essiac or on Cat's Claw. I know you're wanting to avoid the Rimadyl. That stuff has some nasty possible side effects. If you can get her exercising in the water it will help, too.
    oh yah, he sure is. Although, he is almost 5 so he is aging, I have just been spoiled with Rascal's health.
    And glad to hear they are doing well! You should most definitely add a brother! ;)
    hehe they are doing good! They are all off their meds now, although Rogue has a lump :( Going to get it checked while he is getting vaccines, cannot afford ANOTHER vet expense for him at the moment.
    How are your crew doing?
    Hope you are having a wonderful birthday, today. . . with your Missy:) You're one of my oldest and dearest friends here.
    See, now I am mean enough to throw a fit and tell them all that they are NOT TAKING CARE OF MY DOG and that they are KILLING her by not taking care of her and that's it.
    I think about you quite often :) Glad you are reclaiming Missy on the weekends ;) I swear, I could kick your dad's butt over this. He should be more worried about your safety than about his "stuff." :rolleyes: Of course, my mom's pulling the same BS with Bimmer, wanting me to leave him over at her house all the time to watch her things. She knows I don't want to leave Tallulah by herself because she gets bored and lonely, and Kharma goes to the store with me since I'm there by myself a lot of the time and that building is NOT secure and it is NOT in a great area. So, MY house is left without any dogs in it. And Bimmer doesn't like being separated from us at night.
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