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    You're right, he does belong here <3 Love Auggie so hard. I'm very sorry for your loss ((((((hugs)))))
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    Sheltie-Papillion Cross: Smart, Yappy, Very Loving!

    Aww that'd be the perfect mix for me!
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    Chaz puppies of 2016

    I love his blaze. Are you going to keep his name?
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    New look

    We've wanted this things for so long and now it seems weird hahaha :p
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    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome! Your new puppy is cute!!
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    What happened?

    I'm still here! :) I check everyday But yea Facebook :o
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    Let's Be Controversial

    Yes to all of these. Plus vets. Because 17 year olds who haven't graduated from high school know more than vets.... Because they've read articles on the 'net! :rofl1:
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    Petfinder Want Thread

    Awwwww he's adorable I want him too :o
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    Chicago Meet Up?

    This should be a thing. Because I'll actually have the money to go this year :rofl1:
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    What is the most common thing you say to your dog(s)?

    "Really? REALLY?!" "Leave it" "Who's my good/best girl?" / "you're my good/best girl!" And to Maddie "would you PLEASE act you're age!?!?" (Only I don't really mean it... Mostly) :p
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    Do TB tests hurt?

    I've had it done several times over the years for work. Doesn't hurt at all!
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    Siege's Snow Day (and something else, too?)

    I love your pictures!!!! I am in denial about the forum being dead too lol Cute puppy, too