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  • Ooo! Thanks for sending that to me. I was completely going to miss it. I posted a response there. I hope it helps! :D

    Oh yes, and thanks for the visitor message! You are #1! :lol-sign:
    Its down at the state fair grounds-its great. Its just such a pain to have to drive back after seeing every little thing you can there! If you ever get a chance to go do it! they have the most beautiful horses in the breed barn. the most amazing horses are all around. And I love the little kids stuff and getting to meet all the horses that played in movies-like hildago. I can't wait!!! there is a fantasia type thing at night that I may finally get to go to this year.

    Hows the application look? Does the rescue give you final say on were they go?
    I didn't end up going! I got my new glider this weekend and with all I bought for christmas I just couldn't justify it! My friend went and got me some stuff for xmas though-I hope its all dobe stuff! thats why I love going-all the breed specific stuff! Our unit was closed at work a couple of days because we had no patients and they don't float the psych staff so I am hoping that doesn't happen again so I can save a ton to spend at the equine affair. Have you ever gone to that? they have dog stuff there to but it is huuuuge! I will just bawl if I miss that. I need new tires on the car and brakes though and we are putting up two new stalls to have both the horses at home so I have a feeling I am going to be broke for the next couple months! Hows the foster?
    Definitely going to the dog show! I can't miss that! Were else would I spend all my money? But I do need to save some for the equine affair this year. I went nutts there-as many dog booths as the dog show and horse ones!!

    I have shannons number to give you but its in my phone and its dead out in my car! I will text it to you tomorrow some time! (you get texts right? I know some people still pay per text)

    Two of my foster kitties leave tomorrow and I am sad to see them go but my brain hurts at the thought of taking in more right now. I can hear things crashing sitting here!
    I can't cuz I have to work! I am so upset to because the lady I am buying my new glider from is going to be there with an education booth and I thought it would be neat. Supposedly some huge mill glider breeder goes to and I am kinda interested in what his operation looks like! I thought about taking it as a pto day but I have taken so many days off lately my manager would kill me. If you are going have fun and let me know how horrible the glider breeder was!
    Yeah i'll have to see what my friend Lindsay is doing that day since my car is in the shop. I most likely will be there. Im desperate for somehere to take Sawyer to swim and socialize.
    I make siggies if you want one or a few.
    Just send me the photos.
    Any specific colors you want.
    Any words or names you want on it.
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