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  • Hey, I broke my arm hitting a bump in the road and falling off my bike! Just what are you trying to say lady?
    *waves* Just peeking in.....strange that we aren't on face book doing this! LOL
    For this week, lol. Another ten will be due by next Monday's deadline, or more if I can come up with them.
    Right back atcha :) I'm trawling around, looking for more ideas for the rest of these articles I'm writing tonight. *sigh*

    Did you get the e-mail with the blog link I sent earlier?
    Thanks, lol! At the first possible financial opportunity I think I may invest in a nice bottle of cognac. A little more potent than that cheap box of wine in my fridge *shudder*
    You'd think I'd be used to it by now. And I'm the kind of person who could never tolerate a massage. Being in that vulnerable a position with a stranger isn't even an option. I don't even enjoy getting my hair done. I am as tense as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs by the time it's over.
    Oh, you have no idea. My stomach is kicking up again, on top of my shoulders and neck being tied in a thousand knots from tension. I was up at 4 a.m. standing under a hot shower until it wasn't hot anymore.
    Ah, a birthday on top of everything else . . . I hope your husband has a lovely surprise in store for you. Maybe a trifecta :rofl1:
    Eh, just not coming on chaz as much as usual.......I think I am cutting back to take a break from the place, LOL

    How ya been?
    Yeah, just a few more weeks! I'm ready. I've had all the stuff and his room ready for a LONG time now :D. I'm not uncomfortable or dying to have him come early or anything though. I'm thinking I might actually go a little late
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