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  • OMG.........NOT MORE BERRIES! :rofl1: Sadly, no land upgrades or anything......just more stuff to buy at certain levels! I was hoping we could get a THIRD farm! hahaha (soooo addicted!)
    Uh oh..........they just upped the levels in Farmtown again! Now there are 80 levels! WOOT! LOL
    Also a dish best served cold, lol. Hopefully it's not too sweet and doesn't make his blood sugar spike . . .
    He's definitely unique, lol. Some of it's purely vengeful. He's got some axes to grind with a few real estate agents/companies.
    Oh, majorly. They usually charge about a 6% commission. He's also going to be able to facilitate for people doing for sale by owners (FSBO). What scares people about that is the paperwork, and they end up having to pay an attorney a large amount to handle the closing or bringing in a real estate agent at the last minute. As a real estate agent/broker, he can do all the paperwork for them, at a flat rate, and save seller and buyer a good bit of money. He's also talking about doing real estate auctions (he's an auctioneer) at a flat rate per deed.
    Well, he doesn't DISlike it terribly. It's temporary, real estate is dead right now and he loathes the other realtors for the most part, because of the lack of ethics and honesty, so he's going to go ahead and get his broker's license so he can open his own office and then do something that is going to make the other realtors FURIOUS . . . flat rate sales. He's thinking somewhere around $1,000 - $1500 instead of the percentage.
    It was, and he knows that now. It's especially important since he's going to have to go back to driving a truck (short haul/dailies) gain temporarily.
    Nope. This was new, but a doctor he saw about a year ago should have checked it. That doc totally missed the boat. He's got the numbers down just from his diet and eating several small meals, so I think he'll be able to get it under control that way. He can't risk getting diagnosed with diabetes when he doesn't have insurance. If he does, he'll NEVER be able to get insured again.
    Oh, he's at home now. They have to unload tomorrow morning. He's exhausted. He's been really tired, losing weight for no reason, excessive thirst, vision going wonky . . . So he got a blood monitor and checked it. First check was 440, night before last. Yesterday morning was 338. He just checked again a few moments ago and it's down to 195.
    Yup. Mark got a surprise wake-up this morning at 7:30 -- His uncle showed up to get Mark to help him move. And he told Mark to be sure to bring his revolver. Seems Uncle Ron's girlfriend's newly released from prison son showed up and things got intense, so Mark's been moving stuff all day long.
    It does while the heat's on, but after it's off I hurt 100X worse. That's what happened last night, I laid on the heating pad and when I tried to get up . . . . :yikes:
    I'd much rather have the loopy alcohol induced. This sucks. I'm tired, but I know if I try to lie/lay(?) down it's going to hurt and wake me up again.
    I'm hoping it will utterly demolish it. Now I've got Aleve and a muscle relaxer in my system. Hopefully this will work better than the tramadol and not make me feel so loopy.
    you put the WHAMMY on me Bax! We have snow, snow, and MORE snow falling outside! Check out the radar image I put on your snowday thread :p
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