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    For a friend

    I love this--you have such talent.
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    love love love.:)
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    congratulations! What a beautiful little family you have.
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    Logic vs gut feeling

    Gut--it is logic in a primal form. :)
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    Ollie (Grammy's Ollie)

    Run free Ollie--I am sure Grammy welcomed you with open arms.
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    Big news!

    Congrats to you! Sounds like it will be a great job!
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    I'm so sorry--it's hard to let them go.
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    foster dog's upturned nose

    A friend of mine had a lab who had a nose that would look similar to that--he had allergies. Not sure if that could be the case here or not?
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    Unofficially introducing...

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    "Where Puppies are in cribs, not stalls or crates"

    wow--this really plays to the "it's not a's my baby" crowd!
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    The Venting Thread

    Fran--that does not sound out of the realm given the area you live in. I have had quotes for my guys for dentals--and Wilson had to have an emergency extractions, which actually ended up costing less than the original quote from my regular vet! But--for Wilson (45 lbs.)--2 extractions plus...
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    Group shot with Mr. SHaffer

    that made me smile!
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    Pointy dogs and one non-pointy dog.

    I don't know--but I might have to have a pointy dog! Love them!
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    Group shot with Mr. SHaffer

    can't believe you got them all in there!