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  • Why not start up your own Etsy shop selling Voodoo mock ups.. They would be a great stress reliever.. ;)
    I do often wonder if I should just keep schtum.. It would save myself alot of hurt, but to make a blanket statement like that is just wrong. *Shrugs*

    I hope he feels sufficiently humbled now, not that that was ever the point... It is all about thinking outside of the box... One persons words have an enormous ability to do damage to others.

    Raw wound I guess.
    *Ding Dong*

    Avon calling..

    I just realised that I have never spammed you.. So there you go, consider yourself spammed! LOL!
    I'll call you as soon as I talk to my mom. My little cold thing turned into the flu, so I haven't really left the bed. Plus I'm losing my voice. Please shoot me.
    We're ok. Just very busy. Times are hard, and everyone is scrambling at work to make sure that we don't become casualties. A lot of stress, and just a lot to do.

    Docket starts obedience class this weekend. Sarama has started agility, but may have to sit out because of a split (and now removed) claw, depending on how lame she is.
    Glad to hear that you are feeling better! (((((((hugs)))))))

    Morgan is doing alright. April is a busy month, so he is probably pretty annoyed with me. Not so much attention to him... I'm sure he'll forgive me though, once this April gig is over I am using my pay to sign him up for Pre-Agility. I think he'll find that fun!

    Sent you a PM. ;)
    *huggles back* Hey yous! I was just wondering where my Noly was... and there you are!

    I'm doing pretty good. :) Can't say I have anything to complain about, other than being super busy. Hooray...

    How about you? What have you been up to?
    Its going good. I have a PT test tomorrow and a common knowledge test on Thursday so I've been super busy, and now I have MOS **** to worry about because my vision is so ****ed up. i may not be an 88M much longer. :(
    Sh1t. Sh1t. Sh1t. We'll just have to keep hoping for the best. Somehow. And trusting that Opie's smart enough to figure things out.
    I think - I hope - bootcamp is just one of those trendy phrases everyone's using. Even Smkie refers to the intensive training sessions she does as bootcamp, and you know how against anything heavy handed she is.
    She told me they were talking about that. THAT DOG NEEDS TO BE IN A HOME, NOT A BOOTCAMP! Filas do not respond to that kind of crap. They either shut down or, well . . . you end up with a guard dog.
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