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  • Your inbox is full LOL!! I need to ask you a question about the ABS! Did you have a transition period with that? My hair feels super gross after using it! :( I'm guessing its the residue left from shampooing and conditioning it? But I've been using sulfate free shampoo?
    Not sure if you'd be interested, or know anyone who was but this was on my FB feed:

    Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (BARC Shelter)
    BARC is looking for Retail managers for part-time to run our BQE pet store. must have retail experience and be able to close. Send a resume to [email protected] or come and drop off a resume.
    this is totally random... but I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I want peektures!!! :p
    Of that creepy blue spider, too :p :D
    lol her favorite songs are misery business and crushcrushcrush...unfortunately i DON'T love Paramore, so mostly I play it when I'm not in the room.
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