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  • Beat collar??? I dunno what that is lol... her old collar was given to me, and her new one was off a website. I can't remember which one! It was only cheap though, like £9 :) I found the shop on ebay.
    Yes, Dutch is a Stabyhoun...... I have started to lack on the pictures but here is my most recent thread:

    I'll try to get new ones today (planning on taking him to the barn today) and will post them later :D I never thought I would own this type of breed but he is pretty cool and now that his personality is out, I'm in love - he is BAD :rofl1:
    My brother in law gave me a new program, because my computer didn't let me ownloa anything....clueless about computer issues.
    LOL. I can't wait....don't forget take pictures of the evil kitty too.

    Right now the dogs have been homebound, not much to photograph....we had a tick infestation, so their coats weren't looking so well [hives, skin rashes] and now that their coats are recovering, its been raining.
    I love making siggies and icons.
    I was wondering if you want any.
    I make them on anything you want.
    Just send me the pics you want on it, tell me the colors you want, and any words you would like on it.
    I will make one or a few.
    Haha, Raja's doing great. I'll try to take some more pictures soon. The only pictures that have been taken lately are on my sister's camera, but I'll try to get copies of them. Matisse is getting more and more handsome by the day. And you can be sure to tell him that, too. I've not boosted his ego enough lately.
    Friends forever! :0)

    I am willing to compromise... odd-eyed creature and black and white thing pictures, in exchange for scruffy munchkin and sassy orange beast pictures! STAT!
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