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    How much excercise does our labrador need?

    2km isn't a very far distance, but it depends on a few things. If the dog is off leash, running a bit, zig zagging back and forth through woods or hilly Meadow, it's a bit different than a 2km walk on a sidewalk. Labs need quite a bit of exercise, but it still varies greatly in the breed. If...
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    Dog websites/blogs/etc.

    Hi everyone, I just took my business to FB - . Aside from business-y stuff, I'm posting a lot of dog behavioral articles, training info, cute pictures, etc. I'm also interested in checking out other people's "dog" pages, or blogs you run, as well as others that...
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    My Dog lost his best friend and companion

    I wouldn't decrease his exercise or limit how much he runs. That could cause a cycle to continue to decrease his appetite and could further depress him. Running might stimulate his appetite, and if he's too sick to run around, he won't. Orange oil is a natural appetite stimulant, so putting a...
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    Success with a sandbox to get a dog to stop digging?

    A sandbox could certainly work, but you'll need to catch her in the act anyway. She won't just dig in the sandbox if it's out there, you'll need to teach her to do so, which will take a while of strict supervision outdoors. I would definitely try the sandbox before an e-collar. And even if...
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    What are some weird dog-related things you've heard from other people/forums?

    Not really on forums, but I hear weird stuff IRL...mainly dominance theory stuff (dogs hold their leash in their mouth to assert dominance), raw diet will turn a dog aggressive, etc. Always eat meals before your dog, etc. And a lot of stuff like "he peed on my bed because he was mad I left...
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    What happened?

    What Beanie said. And FB. I had two babies and joined mom groups, not currently able to foster, and TBH now I don't post for training advice because I feel like one of the more experienced trainers here. A recent post to introduce yourself here showed a much younger demographic than there...
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    Best Breed for our Lifestyle?

    Chesapeake bay retriever came to mind first. Australian shepherd could also be a good option. You could also look at herders like briards and bouviers, or large terriers like giant schnauzers and Black Russian terriers or even Airedales, (especially with APBT experience if you like terriers...
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    What do you think of this device? A friend posted this on FB. I'll save my answer til I hear from some of you...
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    "Lifers" in No-Kill shelters.

    I'm not sure I'd consider it inhumane most of the some cases when a dog is really going downhill in a shelter situation, depressed, etc, then it's questionable....but I know quite a few dogs in shelters for years that are seemingly happy and healthy, enjoy their walks and...
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    Trainers/Those that own dog-related businesses

    Who do you have insurance through? Any insurance providers you've had issues with?
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    Polish Lowland Sheepdog // Standard Schnauzer

    I have no experience with the Polish Lowland Sheepdog. Standard Schnauzers are definitely terrier-like and can be slightly stand offish to strangers, though IME confident and not fearful, just a bit aloof or guarded. They can be quite dog reactive. I believe they can have some guardier...
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    Let's Be Controversial

    There's a big difference between chubby and so heavy it's causing joint problems. Chubby is like 90% of the dogs I see. They may have some health issues eventually or currently as a result of it, they may have somewhat restricted movement abilities (get tired faster, can't jump as high), but in...
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    Ceasr Milon came up in topic today during a group discussion Not explicitly about Milan but the methods he uses ^i haven't read through that entire page but it should be helpful.
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    Leaving dog with roommates when I leave

    I agree with Maxy. If you know your roommates well and trust they are dog saavy people, and trust that if the dog is uncomfortable he'll choose to hang out in your room/the crate and they won't bother him, I might consider it. Otherwise I'd just say that he feels safe in his crate...
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    What is the most common thing you say to your dog(s)?

    This. And "hold your horses". Probably also "shut up" hissed quietly so my child doesn't hear my rude language.